Are you tired of being in pain?

Do you dread eating because you know you will feel terrible after?

Have you thought lately, "I feel like crap, but it's just part of getting older"?

So many people go through life, in pain, not knowing that there is any other way to be. At Prana Holistic, we know your life could be better, brighter and happier. Acupuncture can help you with:
  • pain, including knee, shoulder, neck and back pain;
  • digestive problems, like constipation, Irritable bowel, or acid reflux;
  • hormone imbalances, including menopause, PMS, painful periods, or other problems;
  • men's sexual health, including impotence, testicular problems and prostatitis;
  • immune deficiencies, and so much more!

The benefits our clients experience are:

  •  increased energy and "jump-out-of-bed"-ness!
  • decrease in pain so they can actually focus on their day, their passions, and their work.
  • a lot more opportunity for lovin'!

Here are the clients we love to work with for acupuncture (is this you?!): 

  • serious about improving their health and committed to the process involved
  • willing to have a little fun!
  • open-minded and willing to trust
  • interested in learning more about how not to just cope and "get by", but enjoy a full and healthy life!